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Dragon´s Heart Guitar Picks

I'm using Dragon's Heart guitar picks.
Awesome picks!
Modern design, comfortable and it's helping my skills going easier and clean with a very particular sounding.

The fusion has many different techniques. The pick you choose makes the total difference. Dragon's Heart gives me a great feedback while sweeping, alternating or making hybrid runs. Soon I'll make a review of these picks!

At the moment check more here: http://www.dragonsheartguitarpicks.com/

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Thanks Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks for believing in my music. It is a great honor to work with outside companies that believe and support my work. As my sponsors Alien Tube Amps and Dr Strings.

Very happy with the support and very excited to put it all in action on my new album!


Numa parceria com a Dragon´s Heart Guitar Picks, que é uma empresa da cidade de Dallas no Texas/USA, eu estou agora repres…