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Acoustic vs Electric Guitar Riffs Duel - Guitar Battle - Ultimate Guitar Championship Riffs Duel - Guitar Competition Electric vs Acoustic Guitar Best Riffs - Guitar Duel - Competition Guitar - Famous Riffs

Frevo Guitar Solo - Shred Guitar Licks Brazilian Music Style Frevo.

Special thanks to Fred Andrade for the backingtrack.

Crazy Guitar Solo - Crazy Guitar Solo - Lead Guitar Instrumental Music - Acoustic Guitar and Electric "Guitar Solo" Music by Dallton Santos I

Acoustic guitar and eletric guitar solo in double intervals of major nines accompanied by acoustic guitar chords and crazy percussion set.

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Rock Fusion Guitar Solos

No-Metric is a fusion band from Brazil.
members: Dallton Santos :guitar, Davi Filho :guitar, Fernando Molinari : bass and Rodolfo Ferreira: drums - Guitar Fusion-Fusion Shred Guitar-Rock Fusion Group No-Metric-
Improvisation Fusion-Guitar Techniques Fusion Style 

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