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Dragon´s Heart Guitar Picks

I'm using Dragon's Heart guitar picks.
Awesome picks!
Modern design, comfortable and it's helping my skills going easier and clean with a very particular sounding.

The fusion has many different techniques. The pick you choose makes the total difference. Dragon's Heart gives me a great feedback while sweeping, alternating or making hybrid runs. Soon I'll make a review of these picks!

At the moment check more here: http://www.dragonsheartguitarpicks.com/

Follow @dragonsheartguitarpicks

Thanks Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks for believing in my music. It is a great honor to work with outside companies that believe and support my work. As my sponsors Alien Tube Amps and Dr Strings.

Very happy with the support and very excited to put it all in action on my new album!


Numa parceria com a Dragon´s Heart Guitar Picks, que é uma empresa da cidade de Dallas no Texas/USA, eu estou agora repres…

In studio

With big honor I share here this nice shot with  two great professionals which I'm very happy to have the opportunity to work together.  Rodolfo Ferreira, drummer, (left) for his commitment and dedication to work. Very inspired and recorded almost all song in the first take. Tiago Mattos (right) owner of  Codimuc Studio for such professionalism and atention which he received us in his studio. A place where I venture to say without doubt that is one of the best studios we have here in Brazil. 
Thank you friends.  Soon more news about my new project. All the best friends! 
with Alien Tube Amps / Alien Amplifiers and DR Strings Brazil

New songs - novas músicas

[English version click here]

Começando a semana trabalhando em uma nova composição para o álbum

Olá pessoal! Espero que todos estejam bem!

Aqui, o processo criativo está indo muito bem. Estou trabalhando em um tema que começou com uma idéia  de progressão de acordes não tão comuns que iam modulando meio tom cima e abaixo e assim por diante.

A melodia para esta idéia veio enquanto eu estava dirigindo. E isso foi tão interessante .. porque eu não estava pensando sobre a música e por um momento eu começei a ouvir tuda ideia na minha cabeça ... a guitarra, baixo e bateria. Foi então que eu peguei um gravador que levo sempre comigo e solfejei o tema. É claro que eu parei meu carro em um local seguro, uma vez que eu estava em uma estrada. Se eu não gravasse, certamente teria esquecido.

Quando cheguei em casa, a primeira coisa que eu fiz foi pegar minha guitarra e gravar. O resultado foi incrível, então eu decidi trabalhar e dar continuidade ao tema.

Paz e música!

Dallton Santos


Jamming over world rhythms

Tribal fusion
Sometimes I like to play free with a drum loop or percussion. My favorites are rhythms from around the world.
Here a lick on an African groove. I can share the tab if anybody likes.

Jaming over an african percussion groove VIDEO HERE

As vezes eu gosto ficar tocando livre sobre um looping de bateria ou percussão. Meus preferidos são os rítmos de outros lugares do mundo.
Aqui um lick sobre um groove de percussão africana. Se gostarem eu posto a tab. 

Studying Guitar

Pronto para estudar. Bóra? Ready to study. Let's go? #guitarpractice #sunday #letsgo #study #guitar #guitarra #keepthefocus #instadaily #determination #music #training #followme #6hours #studing #passion #handson #dalltonsantos Uma foto publicada por Dallton Santos (@dallton_santos) em Nov 11, 2014 at 8:43 PST

Today is sunday and I am here with the intention of studying for about 6 hours.  For me, music is a study for the rest life. What excites me is that every day I go to some practice section, I learn more and more. And it is so inspiring to see new possibilities in an infinite horizon of creation. 
This is the great goal as creatures, "we are able to grow". Grow as people, as parents, as friends and as professionals. But changes, only occurs when we want to improve and fight to make this happen. 
Peace and music for all.  Dallton Santos

Guitar Lines

Publicação by Dallton Santos. http://instagram.com/p/vq4IHVpBkL Practicing some lines... ‪#‎guitarsolo‬ ‪#‎guitarlicks‬ ‪#‎legatto‬ ‪#‎instagramvideo‬ ‪#‎new‬ ‪#‎modern‬ ‪#‎jazzfusion‬ ‪#‎outside‬ ‪#‎myguitar‬ ‪#‎study‬ ‪#‎dedication‬ ‪#‎followme‬ ‪#‎guitarlesson‬ ‪#‎shredding‬

2015 New Cd

Hi my friends!
I´m proud to announce a new project for 2015.
I´ve been working on developing new harmony approaches and guitar solo skills so it´s time to release a new solo cd.
I can already tell you guys that the songs are sounding definitely different from anything I have ever done.

Join me in this musical journey where I´ll talk about my creative process, musicians involved, get inside recording sections, photo shots, studio details and other surprises!

Everything will be shared here and I´ll use some plataforms like facebook, instagram to upload 10 second videos and shots.

Make sure to sign in my site to receive by e mail all updates, see you and hope you like to follow the steps and of course...the Cd when finished!

Follow here thanks!!!

No-Metric - brazilian rock fusion trio

Make Music

Songwriting is a great experience. In fact it is something that fascinates. Especially during the initial process where the music begins to form a personality. Many new ideas here! a brief record of what will come soon.Peace n music.

Check out video bellow on Instagram
Compor é um grande barato. De fato é algo que fascina. Principalmente nesta fase inicial onde a musica começa a formar uma personalidade. Bastante idéias por aqui! um breve registro do que virá.Muita musica a todos, abs

Music Networks

I'm signed in some really nice music networks at the web. One of them is NuMuBu.  A great place to make some friends and listen to cool musicians. This week is was honored to be chosen the member of the week and that was nice surprise...really cool! Check out and hope see you there. Cheers
Congratulations to Brazilian fusion guitarist virtuoso, DALLTON SANTOS, for becoming this week's NuMuBu Member of the Week. If great fusion guitar playing is your thing, you won't be disappointed when you check out Mr. Santos' videos - this guy is amazing! And don't forget to send him a friend request while you're at it. NuMuBu dot com

Beautiful Guitar Ballad backing track

Hello everybody! Reach 187k views in a year with an authorial song really means a lot to me. Many people ask me about the backing track of "By The Edge Of The Stream", so I decided to upload to youtube, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJd7_GZrTuE Have fun, jam and play along your favorite licks! Thank you for the support, peace n music 4 All!

Fala pessoal! Chegar em 187 mil visualizações em um ano com uma música autoral significa muito para mim. Muitas pessoas me perguntam sobre o backing track da "By The Edge Of The Stream", por isso decidi subir para o youtube. Divirtam-se e obrigado pelo apoio de todos!

Original By The Edge of The Stream >>> http://youtu.be/Rx0U3PsKT7Q

#guitarbackingtracks #balladbackingtrack #bytheedgeofthestream #beautifulbackingtrack #guitarplayalong #guitarplaybacks #jam

Samba Shred Guitar

In my daily routine of studies, I always include a jazz fusion standard. It helps me develop perception on guitar improvising. Chick Corea ´s 500 Miles High is one of my favorites. LINK VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-_5K310NX0

Eddie Van Halen Guitar Tone

Eddie Van Halen é, sem dúvida, um dos guitarristas que mais influenciaram a geração moderna da guitarra. Sua criatividade para compor, inventar truques na guitarra e sua maneira de usar efeitos o fizeram um guitarrista diferente dos outros. Eu não posso negar minhas influências fortes em seu estilo. O grande impacto que tive ao conhecer a sua música me fez estudar e tirar de tudo que o Van Halen gravou. Neste vídeo abaixo eu uso um amplificador Alien Monster50W e um pedal de overdrive Origami para emular a introdução desta grande música do cd Balance chamada Don't tell me (What love can do) Gostei muito do resultado, aumente o volume e confira!

Eddie Van Halen is undoubtedly one of the guitarists that most influenced the modern generation of guitar. His creativity to compose, invent tricks on guitar and his approach with effects made him a different guitarist from others. I can not deny my strong influences on your style of playing. The big impact with his music made ​​me stud…

Instrumental music is world music

Sinto uma enorme alegria toda vez que envio meu Cd para outros países. Como é bacana ver que a música instrumental é universal e consegue ir para todos os lugares do mundo. Saber que pessoas de outras culturas, costumes e crenças estão ouvindo e gostando da sua música é algo realmente gratificante. O cd físico Virtual Fusion ja foi para Alemanha, Japão, Inglaterra, França, USA, India, Bulgaria, Filipinas, Canadá entre outros. E dessa vez hoje embarcou para a Suiça!

 I feel great joy every time I send my CD to other countries. How nice to see that instrumental music is universal and can go everywhere in the world. Knowing that people from other cultures, customs and beliefs are listening and enjoying your music is something really rewarding. The physical cd Virtual Fusion has already been to Germany, Japan, England, France, USA, India, Bulgaria, Philippines, Canada and others. And this time, today destination; Switzerland!

Guitar Tube Amp Monster 50W

NEW VIDEO! In this video I play my original composition called Bad Sector  using the great Alien tube Amp model Monster 50W 6L6.

Alien Tube Amps website

Visit Alien Tube Amps website click the image below 

Guitar Workshops

Allan Holdsworth lick

Allan Holdsworth lick from "Devil take the Hindmost" (Metal Fatigue)
This is a "Instagram video share" that I decided to upload to my channel beacause it´s a pretty cool fusion guitar lick.

Fusion Guitar - "Landing Zone"

http://www.dallton.com - Original composition by Dallton Santos. bit.ly/fusion-guitar  
join http://goo.gl/w7ROV http://www.facebook.com/DalltonSantos http://twitter.com/DalltonSantos
Dallton Santos use DR String

Freak Guitar Lines

1st place - Solo Instrumental Performance

Dallton Santos won 1st place with the song Parallel Process.
Best Solo Instrumental Performance Challenge at Indi.com.

Indi.com Instrumental Performance Contest

LINK HERE  http://indi.com/episode/65c92287-fc77-4d5f-a067-1af34cfb3c08
Vote for Parallel Process be in the first place of Indi.com competition! Can vote everyday but only one vote per day, deadline 23/06
Thank you!!! 

Ibanez Rg Prestige 3550

Ibanez RG Prestige 3550 on Rock Fusion
http://www.dallton.com - Rock fusion style guitar solo played with Ibanez RG Prestige 3550 by Dallton Santos.


more: www.ibanez.com

Guitar Tech Interview

Pentatônica da Hexafônica

Esta foi uma pesquisa que eu desenvolvi pensando em uma escala alternativa para ser utilizada sobre um acorde alt7.
Peguei a escala de tons inteiros "Hexafônica" e utilizei a fórmula:
T 3 #4 #5 7 = Pentatônica da Hexafônica 
*A pesquisa foi publicada no livro do IG&T pelo Mestre Mozart Mello, o qual serei sempre grato pelos ensinamentos.
A quem se interessar pelo estudo segue o anexo abaixo:

This was a work that I developed considering an alternative scale to be used over a alt7 chord. 
I took the whole tone scale "Hexafônica" and used the formula: 
T 3 # 4 # 5 of 7 = Pentatonic Hexafônica 
* The research was published in the book of IG & T by Master Mozart Mello, who I´ll always be grateful for the teachings. 

Frank Zappa guitar cover

http://www.dallton.com Frank Zappa - St Alfonzo´s Pancake Breakfast - marimba solo guitar cover - Album Apostrophe

download tablature PDF and gp5 format:

join http://goo.gl/w7ROV


"By the edge of the stream" World Musical Jam

To celebrate the successful first year of release of the song By the edge of the stream we are invinting you musician to a big world jam over the backingtrack of this song. 
 All types of instruments will be allowed, so if you already play violin, keyboard, saxophone or any other, come join us! The participant will record the audio and give permission to be placed on internet.
Like the idea? Join us and show the world your  musical inspiration!
to participate please contact: dallton.santos@hotmail.com or like  http://www.facebook.com/DalltonSantos and message Dallton Santos.
Waiting for your participation, we are sure that the result will be outstanding! original version

Rock Latin Fusion Guitar

Rama violões

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