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Coming from a family of musicians, Dallton Santos, has always worked with music. His grandfather was a musician and luthier, his mother played piano, and his father taught him the first chords on the guitar, then came the specializations with Mozart Mello, Eduardo Ardanuy, Kiko Loureiro, Polish, Roberto Sion [Practice of Band and Instrumental music] Rafael Bitencourt, Wander Taffo [Clinical Palette], Tomato, and Joe Mograbi Faiska and Djalma Lima.

Professionally started working with private lessons, and also founded the Institute in 2000 Dallton Guitar Santos, and currently also includes the production of audio / video.

One of the most interesting videos of this talented guitarist is as the voice of a drawing of Woody Woodpecker. In addition to classes Dallton has played with bands Bon Jovi Cover, Blackstone [classic rock], Bruce Dickinson Cover, Eclipse, Raphael and Paul Henry, National Chain, Watchtower, Golgotha, LSD Groove Trio Instrumental, Cover Titans, etc.. In the solo carrer  he has released several CD's as the "Art in Motion," "Time Line", "Jam Tracks" and recently the Virtual CD "Fusion". Dallton speaking kindly answered some questions about his career.

AlôArtista - What was the 'click' that woke you up to your music?
Dallton Santos - I've always loved music, heard everything, but the "click" came when I started to play guitar without pretension. I noticed he had a facility was "love at first contact". As soon as I got a guitar I did not stop playing.

AA - What is fact or person who has had more influence on your music? What are its roots in his art?
DS - My roots come from the rock. My influences are direct direct guitarist Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. Other musicians who have influenced me a lot, changing my outlook on music and making a revolution in my mind was John Coltrane, Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and Hermeto Pascoal.

AA - What is the main 'blunder' in Brazil, when it comes to encouraging the artist?
DS - Do not give due value to their artists.

AA - It's hard being an artist in this country? What would help?
DS - Yes Could be better appreciated. The answer is complex, but briefly it would be a set of reforms ranging from the ministry of culture to a greater union of the artistic community.

AA - Tell us about career and where you're going.
DS - I am a guitarist, approximately 17 years living with music . I have recorded three CD's . Working with classes at the Institute of my teaching, recording / production and Gigs with bands. Through music I have met many nice people, made many friends, traveled to places, etc.. Anyway the song has been guiding my life and being a lesson every day. The joy I feel when I communicate with a person on the other corner of the planet saying they liked my music does not have to pay this price satisfaction. I want to go through my music bringing joy and inspiration to new generations.

AA - As a site like AlôArtista can contribute to 'artists', in your opinion?
DS - This contributed a lot. The site is already a success and grows stronger every day, that's good for artists, unity is strength and if everyone takes the class will only have to win.